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Rix Open Day 2017

The Open day  took place on 3rd June , Cringleford, Norwich.  It was a small gathering of members but a very enjoyable day nonetheless.  It was great  to talk and share news with others. 

Rix Reunion October 2016

In the News area there is a short piece about the Rix Reunion in Australia.  The family  line all descend from Henry Tuthill Rix, born Wendling  Norfolk.  There is also  an article about Barnabas Rix  

Lord Rix

It was with sadness that we learned that Brian Rix has died. He had been a member of the Rix Alliance from the early days.  He happily shared what  he knew about his family and appreciated receiving the Rix Journal for many years. Brian was very interested in the origins of the Rix name and where the first  Rix may  have come from. This link to  his obituary in the Daily Telegraph  tells his story

Also  in the Hull Daily Mail 

The Sunday  Times 

The Scotsman

Rix Open Day 4th June 2016

The Rix Open Day took place this year at Cringleford Norwich. Use of the venue, Action for the Blind, was organised by Derek and proved to  be a great place to  meet up  with  Rix from around the UK and to  be able relax, chat and exchange information.  It was good to see new faces too. Refreshments were provided by Sue and Sheila and  also a buffet lunch along with some beautiful homemade cakes.

The sun shone which  was a great improvement on the previous cold, windy  days.  This enabled us to  take a group  picture outside in the sunshine.  

There was a couple of interesting talks from Trevor on the DNA project  and from David about a new book he  has written called Ships, Shawl and Loyal Service, the story  of three East Anglian brothers.  This is due out  in September 2016 and distributed by  Orca Book Services.  All in all a good day and really  enjoyable.
 Next year  it will be on Saturday 3rd June and held at the same venue. 

 The FFHS - Federation of Family  History  Societies  have produced a really  useful information leaflet. This will help  with family  research and lists many  useful weblinks. 

New family trees have been added. They are in a password protected area so only  accessible if a Rix Alliance member.  If you  would like to  join please email  T

The Rix Open Day  is coming up  soon and everyone  is welcome to  come along  who  has an interest  in the Rix/Ricks name.  

Some recent additions to the website:  A new page listing all the records and resources held by the Rix Alliance. 

The forum page,  renamed My Rix Family Story,  is now a place to let us know your Rix story however small or large. You might have just started your research and maybe just  have a family story.  Please post here to share.

The next  Open day will be  Saturday 4th June 2015 

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