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NEWS (update March 2020) 

In the last  Open day in 2019  it was agreed to  arrange the next  one for 30th May 2020. However  given the situation now we have decided to  cancel  it this year. 


As with all enquiries, we try to help as much as we can. Sharing what we have and updating trees. It is great  when someone starts their research and 'doors open' to  lead to  new information and contact  with family  members they  didn't know they  had. 

One new enquiry and who  joined the RFA is Michelle of Australia .  From information she provided it was easily  clear to which  tree she connected to . Past  member Alec Rix, who  had joined in the early  days of the Rix Alliance,  had along with his brother-in-law Louis, done a lot of research and had collated this into  a book form with writeups and photos.  Louis had saved it all to a CD which I was able to  share with Michelle. 

Michelle's ancestors had moved to  Northumberland  and she was very interested in knowing why  and to find out more about her family . 

The following is from Michelle...

Update:  In Jan 2020 I was researching Northumberland Coal Mining towns that Rix relatives lived in and came across a history page on the subject on Facebook.  Whilst scrolling through I noticed a post from someone saying her mother was a Rix.  I have never contacted anyone saying "I wonder if we are related".  For a long while I have hoped I might be re-connected and since my grandfather was one of 12 children I was pretty sure there were lots of relatives out there.  I and assumed connection might come from my Ancestry account or the Rix Family Alliance.   So I made contact and after a few messages discussing relatives we established they were descendants of my grandfather's brother.  Family members remembered my grandfather (Albert Percy Rix) and my father and I found out the contact with the Rix side of the family was lost from a rift in the family which occurred due to my grandmother re-marring so soon after my grandfather Albert Percy Rix died.  I am now reconnected with my Rix relatives and am thrilled to have lots of new cousins. 



New Members  

Lynn from Lancashire, connects to  the Dagenham family  tree. 

Peter from Warwickshire , connects to  James Rix 1788 Yaxham.  He also  connects to  member 364, Andrew.  they  are sharing  information to  extend theirs family  trees.

Michelle of Australia connects to  past member Alec Rix .  Originating Burnham and Wells next the Sea Norfolk.   

Jenny  whose family  tree starts in East Rudham  

Donna , from the US. Family  descend  from Robert Rix 1581 Palgrave

Matthew from Leeds, whose line is from Poringland John Rix and Mary Ann Fransham

Don  who  has rejoined an dis from Yately, he has done more on his family  tree and connects to  Matthew from Leeds. 

Enquiries have been from Brian who  line descends from Poringland

Brooke from the US who descends from  Thomas Rix Kenninghall Norfolk

RFA member Peter B has been transcribing Wills and adding family  history  information as a footnote, making these really  useful pieces of research.  It updates what  the RFA hold in Wills but the extra work  Peter has done is extremely  helpful and so  relevant. It's very  much appreciated and a great resource for the Rix families. 


 Will for William Loades Rix of Little Walsingham 1842


 Will for William Rix of Swaffham 1839


Will for Thomas Rix of Tittleshall 1856


 Will for Peter Rix of Norwich St Benedict  1814


 Will for Mary  Rix of Docking 1836


Will of Margaret Rix East Dereham  1839


 Will for Lucy Rix of  Wicklewood 1833


Will for George Rix of Tharston  1806


 Will for Esther Rix of Norwich 1838


Will for Benjamin Rix of Heacham  1835





Rix Open Day 8th June 2019






 The Rix Alliance 40th anniversary Open Day again took place at New Buckenham Village Hall with nine members attending, a good turn out despite the wet weather which made travelling more difficult.

We were delighted that David and Michael Rix and their wives, who were all on holiday in Norfolk, were able to join us during the afternoon. Their visit gave them the opportunity to meet other Rix and to talk about their family tree.

The usual sandwich and finger food lunch followed by strawberries and cream was enjoyed by everyone. 

During the afternoon the AGM took place with the current Chair and Committee members re-elected. Membership of the Alliance has stayed about the same level at 29 members. Sue Simpson talked through the financial situation from information that Susie Rix had provided. Finances have remained at much the same amount as last year with the cost of the Open Days being almost covered by the charge made on the day.

Membership fees are reviewed annually and it was agreed that the membership fee should remain at £5.00 per member.

A discussion took place on how frequently the open Days should be held and whether this should be bi-annual rather than annual. Most Members wished to continue meeting each year as everyone is getting older and this was agreed as the way forward.  

 A date of 30th May 2020 was proposed for next year's Open Day probably at the same venue. The venue has all the facilities needed to host the Open Day including wifi and good parking for a very reasonable cost although we appreciate it is a little off the beaten track.

 If anyone wishes to come along in 2020 and would like to know more about the area and accommodation facilities then please contact:

Sheelagh Rix  telephone: 07780 986053 

Sue Simpson email:  sueanddave.simpson@btinternet.com

Also if any member wishing to join us would need transport from say Norwich or Wymondham or any where else in the area, this can be arranged. Please let us know so this can be sorted out well in advance. 

 Sue Simpson 

9th June 2019 


News update  May 2019  


Sheelagh Rix, RFA member for many years, was awarded Citizen of the Year by  Hertfordshire Police in October 2018 for her work the previous year.  Nominees are put forward by a police officer and voted for by  the staff. Sheelagh was thrilled to  receive hers for her voluntary work as ' an appropriate adult' performing duties 'above and beyond' 

News Update 2018/2019

Lots of  interest this year  in family  history.  Back in June and July  we have had enquiries from Sally  Jones whose ancestry  is from Norwich.  Tyler Rix  from the US.

Lynn who  connects to the Dagenham family  tree, giving her connections to  past  RFA members.

Graham from Australia who  is connected to  the Swanton Morley  line  (see Rix Meeting in Australia organised by  Lynley  Hall earlier in the News page) 

More recently  we had new members joining: Tony  Rex whose research has taken him back to  Norfolk and the name Rix.

Bev who connects to  the Bylaugh tree.  Robbie who connects to  Rix of PEI

Joanna from Berkshire who  connects to  Tasburgh  tree two  members of the RFA.

Laura who descends from Norwich line shared some information. Neil who  is helping  his cousin find information about South Africa Rix line. 

Marie found her research took her back to East Lexham. 

Tina trying to  find information for her nephews and nieces, found the Rix went back  to  Watton Norfolk.

An enquiry  from Kristyna who  connects to  Wrentham tree. Anne was researching for her cousin and shared information about Henry  Rix and sought clarification that  she was following the correct  one. Either Bylaugh, East Lexham or Swanton Morley

We exchange and share  as much information as we can at the time, hoping to help those interested in getting started with their research.  Our  trees are added to, though it's a never ending story. Those who  have recently  made contact  will share more  when they can. 

 Report by Sue Simpson for the Open Day in June:


 The Rix Family Alliance Open Day

2nd June 2018

The Open Day was held this year at a new venue, the Village Hall in New Buckenham where the facilities were excellent, both for lunch and with wifi for members to work with their laptops and files. 

We were delighted that  Joan Sheppard was able to join us  again and reflected on the loss of her husband Graham.

A total of thirteen members attended the event this year. A sandwich and finger food lunch followed by strawberries and cream and apple pie was enjoyed by everyone. 

During the afternoon the AGM took place with the current Chair and Committee members re- elected. Marilyn Rix resigned as secretary due to pressure of other commitments and Sue Simpson agreed to take on the role. A debate took place about the Alliance and on how best to promote and advertise the Open Day in order to encourage more people to come along and share information. We also  discussed the new Data Protection Act (GDPR) and the implications for the Alliance.

A date of the 1st June  was proposed for next year's Open Day at the same venue. 

If anyone wishes to join us in 2019 and would to know more about the area and accommodation facilities then please contact Sheelagh or Sue for assistance.

Sheelagh Rix: Telephone  07780 986053 

Sue Simpson: email: sueanddave.simpson@btinternet.com

As has become the custom, nine members met up  in the evening at the King's Head New Buckenham for dinner where we enjoyed a very pleasant meal. 

Richard Rix, a member many  years ago  and contributor with articles for the journals we used to  publish, has rejoined recently.  Hoping to  now continue with his family history  research.  

Wendy Rix, a member many  years ago, has rejoined and is hoping to  take up  her family  research again.  Her line descends from Norwich.

Online Enquiry from :

Sandy Rix of Australia has connections to North and South Walsham, Ashellthorpe and Thrandeston. Hoping to  find out more on their family  tree.

 News February 2018

It was with sadness we learned that Graham Sheppard  (Member 238) has died.  He was an enthusiastic family  researcher  for his family  and  his wife, Joan, (Rix) and  they  had been a members for many  years.  They regularly  attended  the Rix Open day . Graham often took the group  photo from the day  which  was included in the Rix Journals. Joan continues as a member of  the  Rix Alliance. 

New Members 

 Carla Wingert USA  - origins Wiggenhall Norwich

 Andrew Barker of  Farnham Surrey 

 Richard Rix  of Ashford Kent  - origins Wrentham tree

 Kylie Morrisey of  NSW Australia  - origins w Lexham Norfolk

 Bernie Heworth of Coulby  Newham Middlesborough 

 Searching for  Sarah Rix who  married Samuel Sandell. This is probably  the daughter of Thomas Rix of North Creake further back  the line is Hindolveston. 

 Shawn Rix of Tiptree Essex who  connects to the Watton tree 


 Open Day Saturday 3rd June 


Once again this was a lovely day in Cringleford Norwich.  The venue, Action for the Blind, was ideal for a small gathering.  The  weather was kind, sunny and warm.

The AGM was done before lunch with no issues arising and good to know the RFA can continue despite the small membership,  However  we learned that the venue is no longer available for us to  use for future meetings.  Some ideas were put forward as where it could be but no decision was made, Only the date provisionally 2nd June.

David Blakely talked  a little about his new book  'Ship, Shawls and Loyal Service' that came out October 2016.  It's now available on Amazon 

Trevor continues to receive interest  in his DNA project.  

The website continues to receive inquiries

A buffet lunch was organised and prepared by Sue and Sheelagh; this was lovely, especially  the strawberries and cream.  It was great to be able to talk to others, exchanging news and information.  So quickly the day came to an end, some a longer journey home than others but  a good time had by all.




What  has been happening throughout the year...

 An interesting enquiry came from Angela Walters :

'Every lead I follow ends in zero even official records!

I am trying to trace my late aunt and godmother's first husband who was known as Captain W. Rix.

Her maiden name was Dorothy Coulthard born 12th June 1893 in Hull, Yorkshire. Her father was Joseph Thwaites Coulthard.
Have you any reference to these two names being married?
She called herself Rix from the 1920s until she remarried in 1959 to Canon Thomas Hedley Tardrew.
All relations who would have known have died and when asked did not wish to talk about the first marriage.'


There then followed many emails and exchanges with Angela while we tried to  find out who  this Captain Rix was.  As this is my  area of the UK I had done much research on Lord Rix tree and his family. Angela knew them and had been touch with some of the family  but they  knew nothing of Captain Rix.  In fact  with all the research it was clear that  no one existed in the area with the name.  

The end result eventually  gave up  more of the family  story , that  Dorothy  had had a child before her marriage in 1959.  He had been adopted. However we never found out who  Captain Rix was. Although Angela had from an old address a Mrs John Rix of London  ( the name John is written over the name Wilton) 

We couldn't make a sensible connection given the dates and the time this was all meant to happen  

It shows how hard it can been when  family  stories don't match  with true facts. 

It is still very  interesting non the less.  


Ian Howard, a Rix member for many years, said his cousin, John Vignolles Rix ( born 1932 in South Africa) who  Pat Rix ( research  secretary) had succeeded in finding for him 10 years ago, sadly, had died recently.  John's father and Ian's grandmother we half brother and sister.  Ian's family story  is in Journal 83, 71 and 70 and tells his story  of  Rix in India and  trying to trace is ancestor Walter Burton Rix born 1842.


Roger Rix of Idaho shared what  he knew of his family  ancestry.  He was trying to   establish the origins of his family  in the UK. He did eventually  do  the DNA test  with Trevor 

 This is his lineage that  he shared :

 Roger Alan Rix B 1935 IN, USA father

Wilber Rix IN, USA

Moses Rix, IN, USA 
NoahRix, IN, USA
John Rix, B 1827 OH, USA
Jordan Rix B 1791 VA, USA
Dempsey Rix B 1764 NC, USA
William Rix B 1730 NC, USA
Issac Rix B ? Either in NC or VA or UK


Charlotte Preston joined in August 2016.  She has done extensive research into her family. and shared what  she knew. Her line is from Norwich. 

 Peter Rix  b 1936

Albert Rix 1910-1999

John Gilling Rix 1865-1940

John Gilling Rix 1846-1920

George Gilling Rix 1804-1873

John Rix 1784 


Bert Arter shared his family  history. His Rix ancestry  traced back to  Edward b. 1728 and d. 1803  in East Rudham. His great grandson, Robert b. 1834 married Charlotte Langley. She was Bert's  gr gr grandmother. 


Another enquiry came from Karen France.  Her gr grandmother was Martha Rix. She traced back to  Wells next the Sea and Wareham All Saints and Holkham. Martha b 1875 was daughter of Martha Ann Allison and George Rix.  It became a large family as George had been married twice before.  His 2nd wife Rebecca Hudson had had children  as did George.  

Martha b 1875 married George Drew. They  lived in Lowestoft and   Leslie their son went to  Australia in 1922. 

Being able to  access Ancestry  for Karen was brilliant as I could piece together more information for her, although this wasn't then following a direct  Rix line. She had always wondered how and when her grandfather, Leslie,  had emigrated.  Little information was passed on down as her gr grandparents  had stayed in the UK and her grandfather hadn't spoken about them.  So  this was great  to  be able to  exchange and share information with Karen. Although the RFA records showed George Rix  and his marriages to  Rebecca and Martha, nothing else was added till now about their children. 


 In September 2016  came an email from Robert Jason Rix


'My name is Robert Jason Rix and I live in Lavon Texas. My father is Robert Ray Rix from Tyler Texas. His father was Curtis Rix and his Grandfather was Henry Rix. My great Grandfather Henry Rix told my dad that the oldest known Rix from our line was named Felix Ellington Rix.
I just wanted to pass on this information to you in case it is helpful. I have been trying to trace my family line and I am really just starting.
I hope this helps in some way.
God bless'


     Rix Reunion in Australia 22nd October 2016

Organised by  Lynley Hall

She wrote to  say: 'It was a great success with people coming  from all over Victoria as well as New South Wales and Tasmania. It is only  a small family line. We had over 50 descendants and family  members at the Reunion, celebrating 150 years since the family arrived in Australia.

Henry Tuthill Rix (b.1824 in Wendling, Norfolk), and his wife Frances and young son Henry arrived in  Victoria on 16 February 1866 on the Mary Warren. They  settled in Hawthorn area of Melbourne. He is  my  great-great grandfather. His father was Henry Rix (m. Hannah Crown) and a brother to Barnabas. Their father was Henry Tuthill Rix (m. Martha Lemon) 


She adds:- 

 'I suspect that no-one in Australia ever knew about Barnabas.  I'm so glad that  I have been able to  find out quite a lot about him'

The following is about Barnabas by  Lynley

A Convict in the Family 

Two  months ago I discovered I had a convict in my  family - finally!  I have been searching for one since I first  started doing my  Family  History way  back in 1979.  I had been doing extensive research ready for the Rix Reunion I was running in October on the Rix side of my family.  So I returned to  many documents and articles I had accumulated over the years.  In a booklet written in England by a family  member in 1993 I saw a line I hadn't previously noticed in regard to  the family of Henry  Tuthill Rix and his wife Martha Lemon, of Swanton Morley, Norfolk.  It  said  "Their son Barnabas appears to  have settled in Australia."  So  I decided to  investigate and soon realised  that  he hadn't 'gone to  Australia' but rather  was 'sent to  Australia'.  I now have a 2 folders of information about Barnabas!

Barnabas Rix was born in Swanton Morley, Norfolk and baptised at the parish church on 23rd May 1779.  He was the second son born to  Henry  Tuthill Rix and Martha (nee Lemon).  He had been named after  Martha's father Barnabas Lemon.  He evidently received a good education, and in 1794 he is listed as an apprentice grocer working for Robert Cooper in East Dereham Norfolk.  His father was a tenant farmer who  rented various lands in Swanton Morley area.  By  all accounts he was a good farmer, but with 6 children to rear life for the  family  was obviously  hard.  By 1807 Barnabas was living in Canterbury, Kent employed by  Shrubsole and Darke, linen drapers of Burgate Street, Canterbury.  he had only  been working for them for a few days when he was accused of stealing 2 pieces if Irish Linen in march 1807. He was sentenced in January 1808 and comvicted on 11th July 1808 to  7  years transportation.  (his mother died 2 months later- probably not a coincidence. Knowing that  your son was being transported would be enough to  break any mother's heart)  

Barnabas spent several months in Westgate Gaol in Canterbury before being transferred to  the prison hulk 'Captivity' in Portsmouth Harbour.  He endured nearly  3 years on the hulk.  On 2nd July 1810 John Wodehouse petitioned on his behalf, the grounds for clemency were  'previous excellent character, he has served 2 years in a prison ship, has been recommended by some respectable people of this county and is willing to  serve his Majesty in any  way that  he may  be ordered' . Barnabas also  petitioned on behalf of  'a thousand convicts on board His Majesties Hulk 'Captivity', 'Laurel' and 'Portland' laying in Portsmouth and Langston harbours'.  The verdict: 'No Mercy'.

On 12th May 1911 he sailed on the  'Admiral Gambier', a convict ship  carrying 199 male convicts and arrived in Sydney on 29th September 1811. Barnabas was transferred to  Windsor, about 60 miles from the Sydney settlement and worked there as 'Clerk at His Majesty's Stores' a position of responsibility in the Hawksbury  area, the 'feeding ground' of the new colony.  While there Barnabas was witness to a number of business transactions and weddings.  He also worked as Assistant School Manager in Windsor.  In 1815, when he had served his sentence, he applied to  return to  England on the Northampton.  However this didn't eventuate.  it  seems he never received his Ticket of Leave as he always has FS against his name - Free by  Servitude.  He applied and was granted 60 acres of land in 1821, but doesn't seem to  have taken  up  the land grant.  He remained a lodger and school  teacher in the Windsor district.  He never married. 

 In the early 1830s he was asked by John Hillas, a pioneer in the Goulburn area, to  move to  'Bunnaby Station' at Bannaby near Taralga and teach  the Hillas children.  A school room was set up on the station and Barnabas taught some other local children as well. When Barnabas died on 16th December 1845, he was buried on Bunnaby Station. John Hillas obviously thought a lot of Barnabas Rix as he erected a monumental headstone where Barnabas was buried, in the gully behind the shearing shed.  Until recent years it remained on the station but is now located in Taralga in the grounds of the Historical Society.  The Society have kindly sent me a photo of the headstone which  bears  the inscription: - "Erected by  John Hillas in memory  of Barnabas Rix who departed this life on the 16th December 1845. Aged 72 years."








The Rix Open day  took place on Saturday  the 4th June.  The sun was out and it was a lovely  warm day.   The 2nd year  at  Business Centre in Cringleford, kindly  organised  by  Derek Rix.

Twenty three people came and that  included  new members and new enquiries. Peter, Sasha and Joshua had travelled down from Mansfield to  seek  information about their family  history.  Madeline and David had recently  joined the RFA and came along to meet up and also  to  further their family  history  search. 

Both Marilyn and Trevor has their PCs set up  and were helping where they  could.  It  was brilliant to  have access to  wifi. 

David Blakely came this year  and gave a talk  about a book he has written which  will be available  in September.

Ships,Shawls and Loyal Service.  It  is the stories of three East  Anglian brothers. 

'the history  of three 19th century brothers, each of whom saw some success in his chosen occupation, but each  quite distinct from the others in what  he achieved. Inspired by  the extensive family  tree drawn up  in the early  20th century by  one of his great uncles, David Blakely relates the stories of his three ancestors.'

Published:  29th September ISBN 9781785893308

Distributer:  Orca Books Services

A welcome buffet lunch  was provided by  Sue and  Sheelagh , during which  Trevor Rix talked about the DNA project  and the progress he had made. 

The AGM meeting  and Committee meeting took place later in the afternoon.  Arthur Rix, unbable to  attend this year  due to  family  committments,  has stepped down as Secretary.  Marilyn Rix  has taken on the role.   Derek Rix continues as Chair, Susie Rix webmaster and treasurer, with Sue Simpson assistant treasurer. Trevor Rix DNA project manager and Sheelagh Rix  and Arthur Rix committee members.

Help  is welcome from everyone and is was agreed that  on further Open days that  it would be brilliant if  anyone wanted to  share a family  story , some interesting research or information  and they  would like to  share  with everyone  then they  should do so.in short talk on the day. 

There was a lot of discussion in both meetings; all  were welcome to  stay  and offer any ideas and contribute.  Much of the difficulty  is  increasing the attendance at  the Open day, but as Rix families are wide spread, the distance to  travel is much of the  problem. 

We had travelled from Hull, not a long journey 'as the crow flies' but one that  takes approximately  five hours with one short stop. But this time as the date had changed to  take  place in the school half term, we were able to  stay  a few days in Norwich, making  most  of the journey  we had travelled. 

The timing seemed to  suit  everyone, so  as a result, next  year  the Open day  will  be Saturday  3rd June and  held at the same venue.  We would love more to  attend so please try  to  come along.





New Members this year:

Madeline Gray of Alpheton. She is  researching her  Grandfather who  was born in Heckingham.  She is part of the same tree as Pauline Wilkinson (287) Carol Bavage (284) and Stephen Rix (348)


Sheila Rix Chapman  of  Neath West Glamorgan Wales.  She is descended from the Wicklewood line  and is sister to  Richard Rix of Toronto  ( who  contributed to  news articles in the past  journals)  


David Lewis of Norton Fitzwarren


Daniel Rix of  Eastleigh Hampshire who is just  starting his family  research  - descended from Frederick Firley  Rix born 1879 Middlesex.  After further research Daniel is able to  back  to  John Rix born 1789 Thorpe le Soken Essex.   Daniel also connects to  a past  RFA (178) member Gerald Rix whose father George William was Frederick 's brother 

Another recent enquiry  came from Roger Rix who is looking for information on Dempsey Rix of North Carolina. c1760.  His father was William Rix c 1730 of Northampton North Carolina.   The name, on investigation, was probably  spelt Ricks.   Dempsey Rix built a Quaker Meeting House in North Carolina.   His son John built a Quaker House in Ohio. These details were from early Colonial entries. Roger's Rix were all from North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana. 

  An enquiry  from Ian Byers who is trying to  find Richard Rix and Elizabeth.  Their daughter Martha  married John Housego  20th November 1803 Norwich.  Their son John  emigrated to  Australia when he joined the army

A recent enquiry  from  Sandra Pollard who i s looking to  make contact  with others on her tree.  She is descended through Bryant Rix of Australia.  Also  descended from the same line are Gay Grogan (RFA member) and past members Michelle Barnes and Janet Fontana. 

Lynley Hall has rejoined the RFA this year.  She is organising a reunion in Australia to  celebrate the Rix family emigrating there 100 years ago.

Lynley said:  I've had great fun getting into your site and catching up on the last editions of the Register.


I'm actually hoping to get back to England this year (June/July) but don't think I'll be there in time for the Annual Rix gathering.
I am planning on getting to Norfolk this time and would love to catch up with some Rix rellies. I'll keep you posted as plans progress.
I'll put details of our Reunion on the website once a few more plans have been determined, and will also add 'My Story'

 From the Welwyn Hatfield Times  9th March  2016 

 Roslyn Calvete

 CALVETE Roslyn Edyth (nee Rix) Calvete passed away at home after a long illness. Missed by Louis, Claire, Joanne and family. No flowers and in accordance with Roslyn's wishes, no funeral service.

Louis and Ros were RFA members  from the early  days.  Louis had completed the family  tree some years ago  and shared it with the RFA on disk and booklet  form. Ros's brother Alex, who  died some years  ago , was also a  member of the RFA.  They were regular attendees of the Rix annual meetings.  

 Online enquiry  shared their information to  add to  the East Rudham tree for Valentine Rix.  Joseph George Stanley  married Georgina Rix in Great Yarmouth  she was the daughter of George Valentine Rix born 1856 grandson of Valentine Rix born 1808  and Mary Crane.

David Culley  sent  the following as he thought it would be of interest  to  others researching their family  tree.  

'I have a full genealogy of this branch from ca 1535, Heacham. I think you will find other contributors to your site will also refer to the early history, perhaps up to Israel Rix born Wighton whose sister Elizabeth married John Hastings at Wighton in 1769. This junior Israel Rix 1753 - 1837 (buried Litcham) was the grandfather of George Rix in the photo.

It may be of interest that there appear to have been NO Rix in the Swinton/Mexborough/Kilnhurst area of S Yorks until a migration of several descendants of Israel starting ca 1840. All the current Rix families in the area are likely to be descendants. George was the last to leave Norfolk, my guess is he terminated his employment at Lady Day and set off shortly thereafter.'

Rotherham Rix



The Rix Family Alliance Open Day on 20th June 2015

This year's Open Day was held at a new venue, the Business Centre in Cringleford on the outskirts of Norwich, Norfolk in the offices of Action for Blind People. There was plenty of space for members to spread out and work with their laptop and files as well as a Conference Room for the Annual General Meeting held in the afternoon. The biggest advantage of the new venue was the availability of Wi-Fi which had not been available at venues in past years.

Fifteen members attended the event some travelling from London and as far away as Newport in Monmouthshire. Jane Grey, had travelled from Loddon in Norfolk to meet up with her cousin Heather who is a member, from London. Both Jane and Heather have grandparents buried in the churchyard at St Peter's Church  Cringleford, just over the wall from the car park at the Business Centre.  

A light sandwich lunch and nibbles, plus strawberries and cream were enjoyed by everyone, the sandwiches provided by the Red Lion Public House in Eaton not far from the venue.

During the afternoon the AGM was held with the Chair and Committee members re-elected. A lively debate took place about the Alliance and how best to promote and advertise the Open Day in order to encourage more people to come along and share information.

The Constitution has been updated and was distributed to those members present. The content was discussed briefly, however in view of the fact the afternoon was coming to a close, members were asked to take the document away and provide their comments with the intention of giving final approval to the Constitution at next year's AGM.

A date of 4th June 2016 (slightly earlier in the month) was agreed for next year's Open Day at the same venue in Cringleford.  
If anyone wishes to join us in 2016 and would like to know more about the area and accommodation facilities then please contact:

Sheelagh Rix on 07780 986053 or Sue Simpson via email at: sueanddave.simpson@btinternet.com for assistance.  

As has become the custom, several members met up in the evening at the Green Dragon in Wymondham for dinner.

Sue Simpson
9th July 2015


News from FFHS

Writing Lives Project
I would like to draw your attention to the Writing Lives Project as notified to me by Helen Rogers who wrote:


I'm a historian at Liverpool John Moores University and I'm leading a collaborative project to make working-class autobiographies 1700-Present available and searchable online. If we are successful in getting funding the website will be built by the team that created the Old Bailey Online and our database will connect with lots of other databases, such as the British Library 19th century newspapers.

Ahead of the funding bid to be submitted this autumn we are conducting a survey to find out how non-academic and academic researchers would use and value this resource. I would be very grateful if you could share this with your members


Your responses and suggestions will help us plan the Writing Lives project and to make the best case for its support. We will value your answers, however brief or full. (If you can't tick more than one box for some questions, please just note your answers in comment).
Do take a look at the website
Thank you


Philippa McCray
Federation of Family History Societies
PO Box 8857
Lutterworth LE17 9BJ


Tel: 01455 203133




The following information was sent in by David Bethell who is currently indexing the records of the civil pleas held before the justices de Banco at Westminster, in Hilary term of the 1st year of Queen Elizabeth (1559).

In the Common Pleas for 1548 there are two entries concerning a single case involving, together, a Richard Rix of Brundish, Suffolk, husbandman, Thomas Ryx of Moulton, Norfolk. husbandman, and William Ryx of Winfarthing, Norfolk, tailor.

In the second hearing, although only a few weeks after the first, has two of the sums owed increased, but, more importantly, the Richard Rix of Brundish becomes transmuted into a Robert Rix.

Source: Public Record Office: CP 40/1135

 Title: Common Pleas Hilary 1 & 2 Edward VI


Hilary 1548


Pl'ita apud Westmr coram Edwardo Mountagu Milite & Sociis suis Justic' d'ni Regis de Banco de Termi'o s'ci Hillarij Anno regni Edwardi sexti dei gr'a Angl' Franc' & Hibn Regs fidei defensoris & in trra eccl'ie Anglicane & Hib'nice suprmi capitis primo & secundo


Pleas at Westminster before Edward Mountagu knight and his fellows, justices of the lord king de Banco, for Hilary term in the 1st and 2nd year of the reign of Edward the sixth by the grace of God king of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and on earth Supreme Head of the English and Irish church



Joh'es Bonde p attorn' suu' op' se iiijto de vrsus Ric'm Rix' nup de Brundisshe in Com' Suff' Husbondman' de pl'ito q'd reddat ei quinq' libras sex solidos & oct' denarios Et vrsus Thomam Ryx' de Multon' in Com' prd'co Husbondman' de pl'ito q'd reddat ei tres libras sexdecim solidos & octo denarios Et vrsus Edm' Page de Tyvetteshall in Com' prd'co yoman' de pl'it' q'd reddat ei quinquaginta tres solidos & quatuor denarios Et vrsus Will'm Rixe de Wynfarthyng in Com' prd'co Taylour de pl'it' q'd reddat ei quinquaginta solid' Et vrsus Joh'em Colman' de Tybenham' in Com' prd'co Husbondman' de pl'ito q'd reddat ei quadraginta sex solid' & octo denarios Et vrsus Thomam Sewall de Burston' in Com' prd'co Husbondman' de pl'ito q'd reddat ei quadraginta solidos quos ei debent & iniuste detinent &c' Et ip'i non ven' Et sicut Prius prec' fuit vic' q'd Capet eos &c' Et vic' modo mand' q'd non sunt inuenti &c' I'o sicut plur' Capiantr q'd sint hic in octabis Purificac'ois b'e Marie[1] &c'



John Bonde appeared by his attorney for a fourth day against Richard Rix late of Brundisshe in county Suffolk husbondman, in a plea that he render him £5 6s 8d; and against Thomas Ryx of Multon in the county aforesaid husbondman, in a plea that he render him £3 16s 8d; and against Edmund Page of Tyvetteshall in the county aforesaid yoman, in a plea that he render him 53s 4d; and against William Rixe of Wynfarthyng in the county aforesaid taylour, in a plea that he render him 50s; and against John Colman of Tybenham in the county aforesaid husbondman, in a plea that he render him 46s 8d; and against Thomas Sewall of Burston in the county aforesaid husbondman, in a plea that he render him 40s; which they owe him and unjustly withhold &c. And (the defendants) have not come; and, as before, it had been ordered the sheriff to take them &c. And the sheriff now reports that they are not found &c. Therefore, as many times, let them be taken, to be here on the octaves of Candlemas &c.

[1] 9 February 1548



David Bethell explains that this case lacks the detail that would normally have been given about the alleged trespass, because the justices batted it off to the Norfolk assizes, although sometimes such cases then come back up to the justices at Westminster for final judgment

Source: Public Record Office: CP 40/1177

Title: Common Pleas Hilary 1 Elizabeth


Hilary 1559


Pl'ita apud Westmr coram Anthonio Broune et Socijs suis Justic' d'ne Regine D Banco D Termino s'ci Hillarij Anno regni d'ne Elizabeth dei gr'a Anglie Francie & Hib'nie Regine fidei defensoris &c' Primo

Pleas at Westminster before Anthony Broune and his fellows, justices of the lady queen de Banco, for Hilary term in the 1st year of the reign of lady Elizabeth by the grace of God queen of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c


 Jur' intr Adam' Harte quer' Et Hugonem Bradshawe nup de Welborne in Com' prd'co yoman' & Jacobum Rixe nup de Estdereham in Com' prd'co yoman' in pl'ito tansgr' ponitr in resp'cm hic vsq' a die Pasche in xv dies   Nisi Justic' d'ne Regine ad assi'as in Com' prd'co Capiend' assign' p formam statuti &c' inde puisi die Jouis in quarta septi'ana quadragesime  apud Thetford in Com' prd'ci prius venrint p def'cu Jur' quia null' ven'  I'o vic' h'eat Corpora &c'  Et sciend' est q'd Justic' d'ne Regine hic in Cur' isto eodem trmi'o delib'auerunt deputat' vic' Comitat' prd'ci br'e inde in forma Juris exiquend' &c'



The jury between Adam Harte plaintiff and Hugh Bradshawe late of Welborne in the county aforesaid yoman and James Rixe late of Estdereham in the county aforesaid yoman, in a plea of trespass, is put in respite hence to the quindene of Easter, unless the justices of the lady queen assigned by form of statute &c. therein provided to hold assizes in the county aforesaid shall first come to Thetford in the county aforesaid; for lack of jurors, as none came; therefore the sheriff shall have their bodies &c. And be it known that the justices of the lady queen here in court this same term delivered the writ thereon to the deputy sheriff of the county aforesaid, to execute in form of law.



News members 

D. W. Rix of Newhaven East Sussex His ancestors are from Samuel Ricks/Rix of Purton Wiltshire

Gary Strange of Goswell Western Australia.   Gary's line is connected to  Ricks of Purton

 Anna Burgess of Oswestry Shropshire. Also  connected to  Ricks of Purton

Online enquiries are from:

Janet Morley whose family  descend from George Rix of Elsing 

Keith J Rix connection to  Hanover

Catherine Johnson  whose gr grandfather was Benjamin Rix of Prince Edward island



The Rix Alliance Open Day



The 2014 Open Day was held on 21st June at the usual venue of Ketts Park in Wymondham. A small group of 16 attended on the day made up of 12 members and 4 guests. Despite the usual publicity in the local Eastern Daily Press, unfortunately no visitors came along to see us, perhaps due to a mixture of fine and warm weather and the World Cup, or was it because of the Racing taking place at Snetterton over the weekend? The main Hall was indeed very quiet for most of the time as members were glued to their laptops and the information on their ancestors.

Peter Rix from Haslemere in Surrey came along for the first time to meet some other Rix and to find out what information is available. Peter decided to sign up to become a member there and then which was great. A warm welcome Peter to the Rix Alliance and we hope you have a lovely holiday.

Brian Rix (member no 345) a cousin of Trevor Rix (no 16) travelled up from Chingford London to spend the day with us and was able to find out information about his family from Marilyn Rix (no 277).

Kathryn Clemence and her daughter Kerry travelled from Ipswich to learn more about the Henry Rix line from Norwich which is part of the Swanton Morley Tree.

Over lunch, as usual, lots of talking took place as members were able to renew friendships and make new acquaintances.

 The AGM was held in the afternoon with Derek Rix presiding as Chairman and a full report is being prepared to be circulated to all members. A number of interesting ideas were aired and discussed which the Committee have taken away and will report back on. Copies of the Constitution were circulated and members are being asked to review the content and provide comments back to the Committee.

The date and venue for next year's meeting was discussed. The fee for hiring Ketts Park has remained the same for several years however we have been made aware that it will be increasing from 2015 to £80.00 for the day. As funds stand this is quite a large sum to pay.
Ideally Members wish to continue to meet each year in the area and after some discussion Derek Rix offered the use of his workplace office (Action for the Blind) which is based in Cringleford on the outskirts of Norwich about 5 miles down the road from Ketts Park.
The Cringleford office has a conference room available, free of charge, and has the added advantage of providing wi-fi which Ketts Park doesn't have available. As well as the conference room there is a small kitchenette for making teas and coffees. For lunch a number of options exist, including sandwiches from Waitrose, who are situated close by, a choice of two Public Houses in Eaton (next to Cringleford and within walking distance of the venue) or arranging for food to be brought in.

 Members agreed to take Derek up on his kind offer and a date for the next Open Day was set for 20th June 2015. Please make a note of this for your diary.

If anyone wishes to join us in 2015 and would like to know more about the area and accommodation facilities then please contact Sheelagh Rix on telephone no 07780 986053 or Sue Simpson via email at: sueanddave.simpson@btinternet.com for assistance.
Sue Simpson




News updated February  2014 


Stephen Rix Brundall Norwich.  His family  descend from Geldeston Norfolk . Stephen is brother of Pauline Wilkinson (member 287)

Brad Rix Moosomin Saskatchewan Canada. Brad's line descends from Nathanial and Thomasine of Diss Norfolk .

Lisa Kershaw Greatworth Banbury  Oxon

Online enquiries from

Gary Strange of Australia  - his  family  descend from the Ricks  of  Purton .

Wendy Taverner  whose ancestors are from Acle. Her grandfather was one of 12 children, and ran a couple of businesses along with other relatives in Acle. 

MaryAnne Patterson's family  emigrated to Wisconsin  from Germany.  She believes  she has a long German family  history.

Some time ago Diane Rix-Weitz  made contact  as she also German ancestry.  He grandfather Hans Nikolas Rix  was born  in Stackendorf, Probstei, Germany in 1870. He was the son of August F J Rix 1839-1910 also  from the same place. Her Grandfather emigrated to  US in 1889 and  settled in Manning.  She shared the information with the Rix Alliance as she  had come across very  few Rix in Midwestern US

Enquiries and new Members

New members

Thaddeus Dabrowski of Amherst USA.  His line descends from James Rix b 1657 Salem MA, Jams was the son of Thomas Rix 1620 - 1718 who  emigrated from Brancaster Norfolk UK in 1649

Peter Meade  Rutherglen Victoria Australia

Eric Wainwright Kempston Bedfordshire

Helen Rix Worrowing Heights NSW Australia.  Helen is descended from George and Anne Rix Swanton Morley.  The family emigrated to  Australia in 19c

Brian Rix Chingford London.  Brian is Trevor Rix 's (RFA 16) cousin -Cranworth tree

William Cumming Gateshead Tyne and Wear.  William's family descend from East Dereham, Norfolk

Jayne Neale Peterborough Cambridgeshire.  Jayne's earliest Rix ancestor is Israel Rix born in Sedgeford 1710

Enquiries have been from:

John Rix of Kansas. His father went to USA in 1952. John's grandfather was John Henry Rix born in Norwich. Gr grandfather Horatio from Norwich and gr gr grandfather Henry Rix also from Norwich.

Tracey, husband Mark Rix, and live in Shropshire UK

Many thanks to Sue for the write up of the Rix Open Day. The website continues to bring interest with enquiries from people around the world.

The Rix Open Day-2013


Saturday 22nd June 2013 was the date for the annual Rix Open Day at Ketts Park, Wymondham in Norfolk. A total of 19 members from across the country came along with their wealth of information on laptops, in files and with Family Trees which they displayed around the Hall. Some members come along each year while others attend less frequently but are nonetheless keen to re-kindle friendships and share more information.

Publicity in the local press with a letter and a specific piece on the Open Day in the Events Supplement was successful and 8 visitors came along to find out all about the Alliance and share their information with us. A warm welcome was given to Keith Rix from Diss, Kathryn and Kerry Clemence from Ipswich, Linda and Richard Habergham from Gt Ellingham and to new members Eric and Ruth Wainwright who travelled from Bedford. Sheelagh Rix had been contacted by a possible Rix family member from Lowestoft who was interested in coming along to the Open Day, however on the day they were unable to make it after all.

The time given by the Rix Alliance members in helping visitors determine where they may fit in to one of the Family Trees, or pointing them in the right direction is invaluable and much appreciated.

During the course of the day, Graham and Joan Sheppard from Newport, members of the Rix Alliance, were delighted to discover they could extend their Family Tree by another cousin.

After lunch the AGM took place with Arthur Rix taking the chair. Mike Rix sent his apologies and it was announced that he has resigned as Chairman of the Alliance. After discussion about the role and what is involved, Derek Rix agreed to take on the Chairman position. The existing committee members of Susie Rix, Sheelagh Rix, Trevor Rix, Marilyn Rix and Sue Simpson all agreed they were happy to continue in their roles.

A discussion took place about the Open Day venue and location for future years as members recognise that Norfolk may not always be easy for people to get to. They did feel however that as many of the Rix's originated from this area the Open Day should continue to be held in Norfolk to attract as many potential family members as possible to come along and see us. The facilities at Kett's Park are ideal for the day, giving plenty of space and no problems with parking.

If anyone is interested in coming along in 2014 and wishes to know more about the area and accommodation facilities then please contact Sheelagh Rix on telephone no 017278 32762 or Sue Simpson via email at: sueanddave.simpson@btinternet.com     who will do their best to help.

Following the Open Day an enjoyable evening was had by those members staying over in the area who met up with local members for a pleasant meal at the Railway Tavern in Wymondham.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to renew friendships and meet new people with a date being made to return to Wymondham for the next Open Day on Saturday 21st June 2014. Book the date in your diaries!


 Derek Rix , the new Chair of the Rix Alliance, is RFA member 322 and lives in Norwich.  Derek  wrote a little  of how he started in his family  history  research...

I first became interested in my family history in 1973. My grandmother died in 1963 and I remember her around 1960 showing me a typed paper which had been compiled by Charles Rix, a relative, from America who served with the American forces during the second world war. My grandfather died in 1973 and the piece of paper turned up again. I have been compiling the family history off and on since then. It was in the days when you had to go round each church to view the parish records, not like today when you can do it from your armchair. I am related to the Watton Rixes and can trace my family back to 1684, although one has to make a few inspired judgements to do so, but there is certainty back to 1782.

News December 2012

Member of the Guild of One Name Studies 98 & Federation of Family History Societies 85

From Keith -kj..transitions.nz@clear.net.nz

William Sharrock married Sarah Rix on 23 February 1784 at Prestwich).The 1794 and 1797 Trade Directories record William as a Calico-glazier, living at Back Sugar Lane in 1794 and at McDonalds Lane House, Wood Street, Salford in 1797.[x5 Grandparents]

From Maryanne Rix Patterson:MaryannePatterson@comcast.net

I have perused your web-site and it looks like this is about Rix Families in England! My Rix family has its origins in Germany. Do you have any members that also have German roots?

Ian Howard ( 251) is still looking for Walter Burton Rix ( prior 1860)

The Hampshire Advertiser of Saturday, January 21st, 1860 under Poor Law Appointments & Resignations, Eastbourne Union, announces "Mr. Walter B. Rix appointed schoolmaster, in the room of Mr. William Lansdell resigned."

I think it unlikely this is my great-grandfather, Walter Burton Rix - who enlisted as an engineer in the Bombay army just 4 months later in May 1860 (and gave his previous occupation as a clerk) - but since I cannot find him anywhere else between his birth in April 1842 and his enlistment, I do wonder about the identity of this Eastbourne schoolmaster! Can anyone else place him? By the way, in the 1861 census, my Walter Burton Rix appears as a sapper in the Brompton Barracks (Medway) just prior to his embarkation for India - I can't see any other likely Walter (B.) Rix

Does anyone have any more information? Could Walter B Rix and Walter Burton Rix be the same person?

Kerryn posted on the forum: Anyone related to George Rix born 1796, Battersea, Surrey? Married Elizabeth Appleyard in St. Giles, Camberwell, Surrey in 1833, and sometime after came to South Australia. They had 5 children that I know of, all born in the UK. Edward Cecil Rix, Frederick Rix, Betsy Rix, Catherine Rix and Harriet Rix.
Would love to hear from any relatives



News Spring 2012

Although the newsletter/journal is no longer issued, there is, I hope still some news and articles for at least a page which can be accessed on the website by members. So I am, as usual, requesting to everyone to please send in any news/images/family research and I will post on the website within a password protected area so only members can have access. 

The website does draw new enquiries and new members. So I have listed some of these here. Not everyone joins the RFA but will happily share what they know about their family.


Nick Rix of Australia family  originate from Panxworth

John W. H. Rix
Message: My Dad, Horatio John Rix brought our family to the USA from Norwich, England in 1952.

 I do have more of my family info.  Working backwards here is what I know:
John W. H. Rix (me) born 27 Feb 1946 in Norwich
Horatio John Rix (my father) born 5 Mar 1914 in Norwich. Died 22 Jan 1985
John Henry Rix (my grandfather) born 27 Oct 1878 in Norwich. Died 10 Dec 1953 in Norwich
Horatio Rix (grt grandfather) born 15 Nov 1843 in Norwich. Died 18 June 1906
Henry Rix (grt grt grandfather) born 1817 in Norwich.

Thanks for your interest in helping me.  I wonder if this ties into any Rix family line you are aware of.

Martin Baron
Message: My wife is trying to research on her mothers side. Her mother is Margaret Francis daughter of Efan and Mercedes Rix who is the Son of Lionel Emanual Rix.

Stephen Rix
Message: I would like to be a part of the Rix Clan

Janet Manners
Message: My mother is a Rix. Her father was Edward Donald Rix.
Thank you for your speedy reply to my email. I will be retiring early next year and would like to research my mother's family history as one of my
retirement projects. Currently I'm looking at various ways of gathering

My grandfather Edward Donald Rix was born in Luton 2nd April 1903, he died
on 4th August 1975. His parents were Christopher and Alice Rix. Edward
Donald had an older brother Christopher Reginald Rix. At the moment I don't
know if there were any other siblings. I believe there were connections with
the East Coast of England but have yet to start my journey. My mother Jean
Alice was born 6th April 1932 and is still alive. Unfortunately I don't have
many old photographs. I found out too late that my dear grandmother threw
away all her old photographs!!
Anyway I look forward to finding out more details.

Deborah (Ricks) Kenworthy
Message: = My father's nephew has submitted Y-dna to the Family tree dna site and I wish to follow up and try and piece together my families missing relatives.

Paul Rix
Message: Just curious to origins.

Matthew Rix
Message: Hi there, I am descended from Spencer Rix (born 1842 in Thrandeston). Is it possible to join The Rix Alliance

This year we have three new members:

 Matthew Rix 332

Somerset House Whitchurch Road Prees, Shropshire

His family originate from Thrandeston and he connects to members, 278 and 316

 Line of descent is: Spencer Rix (1842) -> Hugh Spencer Rix (1881) -> Spencer George Blakely Rix
 (1918) ->Philip Blakely Rix (1949) -> Matthew

Jill Flanders (nee Rix)  331   

 1 Atyes Place  Warminster  Wiltshire

Her father was Cecil Frederick Rix (jazz musician) who was known as Rex Rix. Jill's grandfather was a watch maker from Battersea.

Susan Rix 333

 Brisbane Australia

Gr grandfather - Henry Rix born 1861 Norfolk


Cousins meeting for the first time


My Grandfather was a Rix (Robert Rix Elliott b. 1878,) and it is great to have the Rix Family Alliance to keep us in touch with other Norfolk researchers. 

Some years ago, I got in touch with Malcolm Barnes because we found that we shared the same grandfather. This made us half cousins but because of the circumstances of my mother's illegitimate birth our families had never met, indeed had not known of the existence of the two families until well into adulthood.

In fact not until 1992, at that time I was told that Malcolm was the 'family record keeper'. We only wrote once and then through house moving, we lost touch.

In recent years, I made contact through someone else researching another branch of Malcolm's family and we began emailing. It was great to get some verification of the records that I had found, so far. Not so long ago, Malcolm broke the ice by ringing me in Australia and we found lots to chat about.

I was born in England but married an Australian, Greg. We've lived in Australia permanently all our 46 years of marriage, this means that I'm not in the country from which my ancestors came and in spite of the information on the net, it makes research more difficult.

In September 2010 we were heading over for a family reunion, on my paternal side, in Northern Ireland, we planned a short visit to England.

Malcolm and his lovely wife Pamela, immediately asked Greg and me to go and stay with them in Rutland, a very generous offer to 'strangers'.

It is hard to describe how wonderful it was to meet one another. My husband and I were looked after so well, both families found we have a lot in common and Malcolm and I were able to talk about the grandfather that had been a part of my mother's family but a seldom visitor to the home of Malcolm's mother. So funny to think our mother's were half sisters and had never known of each others existence.

This special meeting has given the two of us a bond that is quite strong.

 by Margaret Fletcher member 312, Malcolm Barnes member 274

Update on Rixes and Thrandeston from Richard Meredith Member 316

Thomas Henry Reynolds - eldest brother of my g-g-grandfather (maternal side) Edward Bradley Reynolds - joined us into the Rix family by marrying Elizabeth Ann Rix of Thrandeston in 1855.

THR (1830-1930, died in his 99th year) inherited a small brewery and a several local pubs at Burford in the Cotswolds. He took Elizabeth back there to live with him and also her twin sisters Mary Ann (Minnie) Rix and Ann Mary Rix, neither of whom ever married, as I understand it.   Elizabeth died in 1920, Minnie in 1917 and Ann in 1936.  All were members of the Plymouth Brethren sect and THR was a senior figure in it. There was a brethren assembly room next to their house in Sheep Street, Burford. All four are however presently buried in the Baptistchurchyard at Burford



There were no children that I am aware of.

The Rix sisters came from farming stock at Thrandeston.

 My family, the Reynolds, had been familiar with Thrandeston for some time.  James Reynolds (1686-1739) a former Recorder for Bury St Edmunds and latterly a judge on the King's bench, lived at Welholme's (today known as Manor House) on the Mellis Road.  He was a direct descendant of a branch of the Reynolds that were closely associated, militarily and by marriage, with Oliver Cromwell.  Another ancestor, Burrough Reynolds, was an earlier resident.

I have also found a pic (of a plaque in Thrandeston church remembering another Rix who may be of interest.